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The Stretcho R&D Lab: Mom’s Kitchen


Figuring out the layout of the initial 6 editions of Stretcho products was no easy task. Sizing and determining the answers within each square that corresponds to the flash cards for each game took a while. We’ll eventually get kids to test the prototypes. But the initial layouts were done with my Mom’s help in the kitchen. At this early stage, we actually walked on our knees as if we were kid sizes, in the range of age 4 – 8 (and as I previously shared we had a sense of how kids were doing this on their own with chalk or tape). Pictured are two different prototype stages, one with cards and magic marker, the other with a shower curtain (with our dog, Vanilla). And at the bottom is a cropped image of Stretcho Sight Words from the prototype print file that was the result of work in Mom’s kitchen.