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Product Concept Validation


As I mentioned in the story behind Stretcho, the idea for this product that is part of my entrepreneurs club at school came to me in two ways. I’ve watched Moms, including mine, teach younger kids, like my younger brother, elementary school subjects and have even helped teach kids when I babysit. It can be hard and boring for these kids to learn things like multiplication tables, for example. When I heard that my Mom’s friend used index cards to play a hopscotch game to learn vocabulary and sight words, its seemed like a good idea if many of these learning subjects (math, reading, geography, etc) could be played in a game.

As part of the research for Stretcho Games, I searched Google Images to see if in fact parents and teachers were playing educational games on the floor with kids. Sure enough, I found many examples as you can see in these pictures which I believe help support the Stetcho product idea. There’s other research to do but these images are inspiring and validate the idea for my product.



Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 1.41.02 PM