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Marketing and WordPress


This website is hosted on a service called WordPress. WordPress is best known as a blogging tool and it’s how I input wordpress-logo-hoz-rgbthe blog posts and upload the images for each post. WordPress goes beyond simply blogging, and with customizations I’m hosting the entire website. This is the hub for all Stretcho marketing. Right now site visitors can pre-order Stretcho editions and in the future, site visitors can buy Stretcho directly on the site and it will be shipped to you by Amazon or other partners.¬†What I’m attempting to set up with tools like WordPress is an automated system to take game orders from the site, have people pay with credit cards, and have the game orders shipped from Amazon or some other “fulfillment” company.

To get this WordPress-hosted site up and running, I worked with Michal Kopanski, pictured above. He is a web designer/developer and a WordPress developer and worked with Alyssa, the designer, and my Mom to get the site up. I’m the “administrator” of the site and can login in to it and make changes and enter blog posts. WordPress is simple to use and, I’ve come to learn, is a great alternative than spending lots of money and time and building your own website from scratch. WordPress costs me only $6 per month to host the Stretcho Games site.