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  • Winning the Business Plan Competition


    I’m happy and lucky to announce that I was awarded First Place for the Freidheim 2013 Business Plan Competition I created Stretcho Games as part of the Entrepreneur’s Club at Notre Dame High School of Manhattan. As the story goes, this yearly program for Juniors began last October and ended with suspense last Thursday evening on May 16th [...]

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  • 7 Ways You Can Help Stretcho Go-to-Market

    Stretcho Seven

    If you just arrived for the first time to this Stretcho Games website and landed on this page, please read on. Quick story: As part of my participation in my school’s Entrepreneur Club in NYC, I have been working on creating a new product and developing a business plan for it since last September. (It leads [...]

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  • Skipping School: My Entrepreneurial Day Off at Constant Contact, Inc.


    “…unlike Ferris Bueller’s day off, nothing bad happened.” To do research and get feedback for the Stretcho Games product, my teachers in my Entrepreneurs Club at school suggested we use an online survey service like Survey Monkey. I just set up a survey for Stretcho, and I chose an online survey service provided by a company called [...]

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  • Thumbs Up at Balloon Saloon


    After an educational meeting about trademark law in mid-town and checking out a big retailer in Times Square, my first “sales call” of sorts for Stretcho Games was at a children’s toy store in Tribeca, called Balloon Saloon. It’s a famous place in the neighborhood to buy toys, gifts, and of course balloons. I live close [...]

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  • Stretcho Games in Toys “R” Us?


    “…if Toys “R” Us were to order 100 Stretcho games to stock in each of its stores, for example, that could translate into about $720,000 in revenue to my company just from this one retailer alone. …Just sayin.’ “ Yesterday, after my meeting about trademark law, I brought the Stretcho prototype boxes and checked out the [...]

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  • Trademark Law and Stretcho


    Through one of my mentors I got connected with an attorney by the name of Jay Rand, a partner of a law firm called SorinRand LLP (he is pictured with me above) and met him at his office. Mr. Rand is a well-known attorney in New York City for startups and emerging companies. The purpose [...]

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  • Product Feature: Stretcho Flashcards


    The Stretcho prototypes arrived recently and for each Stretcho edition they include the box packaging, the exercise mat with answer squares, and the 3″ x 5″ flashcards. (You can see the new “Game Editions” page that Michal helped me set up.) These educational flashcards are read aloud for kids to find the correct answer squares on [...]

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  • Sneek Peek Video: Prototype Testing


    Retail purchasers of Stretcho Games are parents and teachers. But the “users” of Stretcho are kids who play the game. Today I tested their reactions to the prototype exercise mats with answer squares, which just arrived, and game rules. The feedback and reactions were great. I even modified the rules a little bit and proved [...]

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  • Business Cards Came In!


    I got my business cards printed via Their tagline is “Greetings for Meetings.” Their site is known for its great design and ease of use in ordering business cards online and it was simple to do. The two-sided cards came out great and they came in nicely designed packaging as you can see below. [...]

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  • Marketing and WordPress


    This website is hosted on a service called WordPress. WordPress is best known as a blogging tool and it’s how I input the blog posts and upload the images for each post. WordPress goes beyond simply blogging, and with customizations I’m hosting the entire website. This is the hub for all Stretcho marketing. Right [...]

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  • Designing Stretcho


    After we tested the taped index cards on the floor, the magic marker drawn shower curtain , and figured out the playing rules, the Stretcho Game needed to be designed so that I could get prototypes and test them with kids. For this task, I collaborated with a designer by the name of Alyssa Quinn. [...]

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  • Mentors & Helpers in My Network


    “Assess not only your own skills, but those of your network of friends and family.” - Entrepreneur Club instructions The quote above is taken from the notes that my teachers gave out to the members of my Entrepreneurial Club at school. In this project, it relates to why I, as an entrepreneur, would be qualified to [...]

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  • The Stretcho R&D Lab: Mom’s Kitchen


    Figuring out the layout of the initial 6 editions of Stretcho products was no easy task. Sizing and determining the answers within each square that corresponds to the flash cards for each game took a while. We’ll eventually get kids to test the prototypes. But the initial layouts were done with my Mom’s help in [...]

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  • Product Concept Validation


    As I mentioned in the story behind Stretcho, the idea for this product that is part of my entrepreneurs club at school came to me in two ways. I’ve watched Moms, including mine, teach younger kids, like my younger brother, elementary school subjects and have even helped teach kids when I babysit. It can be [...]

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  • Question: What Problem is Stretcho Trying to Solve?


    My Entrepreneurs Club at school started several months ago. Back then, for our projects, the club instructors asked us to consider what our products were about before starting the development work on them. This question came up: What problem are you trying to solve? I think Stretcho attempts to address the problems and challenges of [...]

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  • First Blog Post for Stretcho Games!


    Hi there. This is my first blog post for Stretcho, a learning game for kids, ages 4 – 8. The creation of this new game is related to my project in an Entrepreneurs Club at my high school in Manhattan. In the next couple of months, I’ll be providing more details on this game which [...]

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